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Vicki's Place

United States

Welcome to Vicki's place. Some of the best links on the net can be found below but first here's a few words about the author. As you will see on page 2, my interests are jazz, blues, funk and R & B. My favorite artists include Miles Davis, Monk, Tower of Power, Rufus, Cold Blood, etc. I am also into independent films. Ranking in my top ten list are "Night on Earth", "Brother from Another Planet", "Mystery Train", and "Down By Law". Photography is my hobby especally the black white medium. Ansel Adams and Weston are my inspirations. I love the great outdoors - hiking, swimming and biking when the weather permits. If you enjoy reading - "The Book of Ruth", "Blue Highways", "Snow Falling on Cedars", "The Color of Water", and "Talking to The Ground" are all great books i have read recently. Okay, enough already. (thank you Draac for the return of my fish) PEACE, LOVE, & HARMONY

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D & W's printables : A veritable plethera of printables
Live Video Cams (Courtesy of Tommy) : Check out the Mt Fuji cam
Jump City: A great place for browsing
Hot Sheet: Unlimited list of hot links
Satellite View : Get a birds-eye view of our world
Clint Eastwood: I love the classic audio clips
Flipside Games: A great game site for computers only
NET 4TV: Awesome info site & game site for set top boxes
TV Printables : Best site for printing cards, labels and word processing for set top tv surfers
Digital Postcards: Create your own postcard in any language
Virtual Florist: Send flowers to your love
3D Vision: For The "Magic Eye" Challenged (Now you can try this in the privacy of your own home instead of the shopping mall)
Sidewalk: Getting ready to visit a major city - check out the sidewalk!
The Oracle of Bacon : Stump The Oracle in The World Famous Kevin Bacon Game
Pogo Game Site: Best Game Site For Computers Only
Cool Text: A free site for creating your own banners & buttons
PAGE 2: JAZZ - Dedicated To The Music

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