Hello Orlando,
How are you? Thank you so much for all the wonderful letters and pictures. I really like the photo we received of your family. We are starting to have Spring weather here. We haven't had a lot of rain this year so they say we may have a drought this summer. Right now we are enjoying the sunshine. I am just about ready to start my garden. Unfortunately we have a pet rabbit on the loose in our neighborhood so I probably will wait to put in the lettuce till after he is caught. We also have quite a few squirrels in the area and they seeem to like to dig and hide their food in the garden - not to mention my cat who also likes to dig. Did you hear about our earthquake? Luckily there was very little damage. I felt it while I was at work and thought someone was standing in back of me shaking my chair. I hope you and your family have a very nice Easter. Thanks again for all your nice letters.
Love, Victoria

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