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The Rappins
John A Rappin - Married to Georgiana M Bader
Born 7-17-1914 Married 10-11-1941 Born 10-22-1918
Weiser, Id Tacoma, Wa Puyallup, Wa


Cecilia M Rappin ---Cecilia M Padfield William E Padfiled
Born 5-17-1943 Married 8-12-1967 Born 6-6-1944
Tacoma, Wa Coeur d'Alene, Id Bremerton, Wa

Karen M Jeffery Monica A Rappin Victoria J Rappin
Born 1-5-1945 Born 8-8-1948 Born 5-1-1955
Ann Arbor, Mi Tacoma, Wa Tacoma, Wa

Frederick A Rappin Married To Rebecca A Rees
Born 6-17-1946 Married 1-24-1975 Born 6-26-1951
Tacoma, Wa Stanton, Ne Tilden, Ne


Karen & Gene's Child
Adrienne H Thompson
Born 7-18-1974
Tacoma, Wa

Fred & Becky's Children
Chandra G Rappin
Born 03-14-1986
Seattle, Wa

Christina L Rappin Married To Steven McSherry Benge
Born 3-14-1977 Married 1-18-2003 Born 4-15-1977
Stanton, Ne Olympia, Wa Lansing, Mi

Amelia C Rappin Married to Robert "Eric" Medina
Born 6-14-1978 Married 5-28-2000 Born 1-8-1978
Norfolk, Ne Hopewell Junction, NY Clarksville, Tn


Eric & Amelia's Child
Aidan C Medina
Born 10-25-02
Fort Bliss, Tx

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Georgia Breidenbach Bader

Mary Louise Rapin

George Rapin

Arnold Bader

John Rappin

Georgiana Bader Rappin

History of Allen Rapin's Cigar Store

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