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In Part Inquiry be sure to hit F11 to see recent buying history in upper right hand corner. Fax handwritten po's to vendors and enter po when vendor has faxed current pricing back. Most common vendors are programmed into fax machine & speed dial on my phone. Items you need to look for in hardware section of PAR are any /ATL parts - special parts made for Atlas. Marson, Holokrome, Jacobs, any /OSM - Oregon Steel Mills parts. Any items that show PL/RW as vendor show to Kevin also any /OSM parts and any /ATL parts show to Craig Cooper.

PORTEOUS - Fridays order must be in by 10:00 to get stock on LA transfer. Local source on gr2, gr5, gr8, nuts, washers, galv bolts, some metric bolts, lags, carriage, wood screws, tapping screws, teks etc. Must specify domestic on GR5's on order. They sell small packaged quantites on bolts and screws also. They usually deliver Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Call Mike - speed dial on my phone.

FOR PACKAGED PARTS not in stock at Porteous try Pinnacle Products, Titan Fasteners, or HiTen as alternate sources.

DISTRIBUTOR SALES - Contact Harold or Kim Enter po numbers under the shortname IFCIN for Infasco. All orders for IFC, Agrati & And Non Ferrous Il are faxed to Distributor Sales in Potland programmed in fax machine and picked up at Portland branch. TYR FIRST on DOMESTIC gr5 & gr8. We use mainly for domestic gr5, gr8, bulk metric bolts and A325 bolts and galv F436 washers. If you buy A325 bolts from Dist. you must specify w/nuts or w/o nuts on the po and enter as a separate line item for our internal use. They also stock stainless all thread but these po's are made out to Non Ferrous Illinois. Have bulk quantity socket heads sold through AGRATI better pricing than Brighton Best.

BAY STANDARD - new local source similar to Porteous - Call Cleon to place orders. Near Brighton Best - would pick up on Mondays

HEADS & THREADS - If Porteous and Distributors are out check with Jeff or Jerry at HTI/Reynolds in Seattle. Prepaid freight on 1500lbs

E K FASTENERS - Similar to Porteous stock items out of California. Prepaid on 1500lbs.

ENVISION = formerly the Sunwest crew - good source for washers, anchor bolts, gr2, etc.Good pricing if you have large quantity to buy. They run a truck up every Friday and charge $60 per drop. Diana is the contact

EARNEST MACHINE - for odd plow bolts, square head bolts, bucket tooth bolts. Current pricing in their catalog. Eric Mumford is our contact.

STAR - Dave is our contact at Star. They carry stainless, brass, bronze and aluminum fasteners. They now have a lot of metric stainless items cheaper than Bossard or Brighton. 1-800-433-7827 They hold for 500lb prepay shipments unless otherwise noted.

BELL - Call Al - Better pricing on 316SS and bulk 304SS - they carry stainless, brass, bronze and aluminum fasteners. They hold for 500lb prepay shipments.

ALLOY & STAINLESS - Jean or Dick our contacts in the Portland warehouse. Near Brighton would pick up orders on Mondays. Alternate source on B7 rod, B7 bolts, Stianless all thread, precut B7 Studs, 2H Nuts, Exotic stainless bolts etc.

PACIFIC WAREHOUSE - Send orders to Pacific Warehouse for Continental Aero, Western Wire & milled studs. Mary is our contact. They carry nylocs, roll pins, hitch pins, cotter pins and milled studs.

ICG CORP - In Bellevue Fred is our other source on gr 8 nylocs and nylon fasteners and cable ties.

BOSSARD - Source on any metric Porteous or Brighton does not carry - as of March 1st the orders are faxed to Chicago and filled out of California warehouse. If out of Stock try Lindstrom Metric in Minnesota, or Metric & Multistandards or Metric Systems - both East Coast

BRIGHTON BEST - Bob or Duwayne - Closest source on socket products. Also stocking a lot of metric items, large gr 8's, large gr 5's, stover nuts mild steel nyloc nuts. Normal schedule is for Monday pick up.

Try BRIKKSEN in Texas if Star does not have a metric stainless item.

MEGA METRIC - has good pricing on large non-standard metric bolts.

MARSON - Baxter in Seattle is the new rep for Marson = inside sales contact is Margie - Baxter also reps the Robertson square drive screws

TEKS AND SEALER TEKS - Try Porteous first if not Intercorp in Calif is a good source - contact is Juan. Western States Fastening in California also has good pricing and they have an Auburn warehouse they can ship from - contact there is Dave. Atlas Bolt has the suregrip sealers and teks.

PORTLAND BOLT - is now doing a lot of our hot dip galvanizing - the only exceptions are small diameter bolts like 3/8. Most 3/8 and under bolts have to be sent to Ace Galv. in Seattlle. Contact Steve at Portland Bolt if you need to expedite galvanizing. $75.00 min on galvanizing.

TECHNICAL FINISHES - does the small orders of zinc plating and pure tin plating. Faster turn around than Eastside. Contact Jeff if you have any questions. Only a $35 min.

EASTSIDE PLATING - does any large zinc plating order if bolts are all of one size and it is a large quantity then it is cheaper to use Eastside. Eastside also is the one that would do any cad plating. They have a $55. min

KANEBRIDGE - 5 case minimum to get best pricing. We place orders over the internet with their Fastnet system for an extra discount at have icon on my computer for direct link - password is 2658. Directions in front of catalog. Good source on NF flange bolts & Grade G locking flange nuts. Buy NC flange bolts from Flange Bolt co. - Leo.

CORDOVA - Good source for small quantity A325 and A490 orders. They are also the best source on 3/4 X 4 gr5 Plow Bolts that Rail Car uses.

PL/RW - If you see this as the vendor it stands for Plating Rework - which means we probably made it or cut it in the shop. Show these items to Kevin and he can do the plating reworks for you.

DARLING BOLT - Contact Homer or Denise - Source on ferry head bolts, large stover nuts large gr8 nuts & large gr5 & gr8 and large socket head bolts with extended thread.

DANAHER TOOL - source on domestic socket products - holokrome - hex key sets - and Jacobs chucks and keys. $1000 prepay - rarely have enough to make prepay - $100 minimum.

PACIFIC THREADED - Contact is Dennis - Source on mild steel threaded rod and galv rod in Vancouver. They also have B7 all thread.

LAMONS GASKET - Augie is our contact in the Portland warehouse. New source on assembled B7 studs with nuts on flange kit orders or if you have more time LOGOS FASTENERS in Texas has a better price - contact at LOGOS is Darrell.